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Advocates for Justice


You deserve the best legal counsel. The trial attorneys at Poynter Law Group are ready to advocate for justice on your behalf - with proven experience defending & prosecuting matters of civil, corporate, consumer, environmental, employment, and medical litigation.

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Poynter Law Group Partners
Poynter Law Group Partners - Attorney Scott Poynter and Attorney Elizabeth Poynter

You Deserve the Best Legal Counsel

Legal disputes can deeply affect your personal and professional life. At Poynter Law Group, we grasp the significance of your situation, whether you're defending your business or seeking justice for personal grievances. Facing lawsuits means dealing with emotional stress, financial strain, and potential damage to your reputation, underscoring the need for a reliable legal partner.

We look beyond legal complexities to the people involved: the entrepreneur facing a claim, the family mourning a loss and seeking justice, and the consumer fighting unfair practices. Our focus extends to the impact on lives, legacies, and the pursuit of fairness.

With high stakes and challenging paths ahead, you're not alone. At Poynter Law Group, we align with your struggles, making your fight our own and striving together for your victory.


Practice Areas

Poynter Law Group offers counsel for both the legal defense and plaintiff representation of individuals and businesses. Our experienced trial lawyers focus on litigation, medical malpractice, and consumer law, pharmacy advocacy, oil & gas victim support, and more.

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Civil Litigation

Championing fair resolutions in disputes over contracts, fraud, and other civil matters.

Personal Injury

Seeking rightful compensation for individuals harmed by negligence or misconduct.

Medical Malpractice

Advocating for patients affected by healthcare provider errors or negligence.

Consumer Law

Protecting consumer rights against unfair practices and product liabilities.

Class Action

Leading collective legal actions for groups affected by widespread issues or policies.

Environmental Law

Representing those impacted by environmental harms, including man-made earthquakes.

Corporate Law

Safeguarding businesses with expert legal counsel in transactions and regulatory compliance.

Pharmacy Law

Defending the interests of independent pharmacists and the healthcare community.

Agriculture Law

Addressing legal cases related to farming issues, land use, and crop protection.


Trusted Legal Counsel for All Your Litigation Needs

The Poynter Law Group stands as a beacon of advocacy and expertise in the legal landscape. We understand that facing legal issues can be daunting, whether you're defending your business from litigation or seeking restitution for a personal grievance. Our team of attorneys bring experience across a diverse array of legal disciplines, focusing on civil litigation, corporate law, consumer rights, and more. We are committed to guiding you through every stage of your legal journey, from initial consultation to courtroom representation.

Our approach is strategic and client-focused. Recognizing that each case is unique, we tailor our services to meet your specific legal needs. With significant accomplishments in areas such as personal injury, wrongful death, and complex class action lawsuits, Poynter Law Group has the skills to navigate the intricacies of your case. Whether advocating for the rights of independent pharmacists, representing victims of man-made environmental disasters, or providing robust defense for businesses, we are your steadfast ally in achieving justice and securing your legal objectives.


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Facing high stakes and complex challenges? You're not alone. Poynter Law Group stands with you, turning your battle into ours for a shared victory.

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